Why doesn't the Honey Bear box have any flashcards?

By this stage, children are already exposed to all the sounds. We ensure that our Teddy and Koala boxes have the letter cards that children need to learn at these stages. However if you would like to buy a pack of the flashcards, drop us an email and we would be happy to help.
March 03, 2020 — Tom Pearson

Why do you move children up a book band every 3 months?

In order to keep pace with National Curriculum expectations, we move children up a book band every 3 months. With the right support at school and home, most children are...
January 09, 2020 — Tom Pearson

Can I change my child’s reading level once they have started with The Bear Can Read?

Yes, of course. You can change your child's reading level anytime by going into the 'My Account' area and selecting 'Change Child Details'. You will see that the Book Band Level can be edited. This Book Band level will then be used when creating your child's next box. Alternatively, you can send us a note and we will adjust the level for you. Please note that in order to keep children progressing, we will also change your child's reading level, but we will let you know when we think the time is right to do this. We make this decision based on the National Curriculum and the length of time children are usually on each book band before it is time to move on.  Any requests or updates to Book Band level must be made before the 14th of the month if you want the next month updated. 
December 05, 2019 — Tom Pearson

I don’t agree with the book band level my child's school has them, can I select a different one for The Bear Can Read deliveries?

Yes of course. When you get started, you will be able to add a note about your child’s reading level so you can let us know where you think they should start.
December 05, 2019 — Tom Pearson

How do I know if the books sent are at just the right reading level for my child?

You can find detailed guidance here
December 05, 2019 — Tom Pearson

How do I find my child’s reading level?

It is always best to start with the reading level that your child’s school determined is right for them. When you get started with Just Right Reading, we ask for their current reading level. You can easily find this by looking on the back of one of the colour band books they bring home from school. See below for an example.
November 26, 2019 — Tom Pearson