What does too easy, too hard and just right look like?

We want to make sure the books we send are just right for your child. The ideal reading book is one that gives your child a little bit of challenge.

After finding the right starting point, children are usually ready to move up a book band every three months, given they have good support at home and at school. When we think the time is right for your child to move to the next level, you'll receive a notification and be able to view a 'moving up' information card when logged into your account.

The moving up card will outline the key features at your child’s current level and what additional challenges the new level might present. The difference between the reading levels is subtle; your child will move on with a nudge, not a bump. Remember re-reading past books is also a great way to build your child’s confidence and focus on fluency, expression and comprehension.

You can adjust the reading level of your child's books at any time from your account. The following information is included to help you determine if the level they are reading is too easy, too hard, or just right.

Too easy

• They can race through the book, reading every word quickly, or
• they think it is uninteresting.

Don’t forget to check your child’s story comprehension. Ask your child about the story line, the characters, the main event and the ending. If they are confident readers they will be able to do this and it is a sign that they are ready for the next book band level.

Too hard

Ideally your child should be able to read 9/10 words independently. If they are sounding out more words than this on one page and really struggling to read the book, it is too hard.

Many children say they don't like to read or they don't like a book because they do not feel like they are 'good' at reading. Reading is too challenging and they, it turn, do not enjoy it. When the level is right, children realise that they can read, and they start to enjoy it (and they begin to feel enthusiastic about reading).

Just right

You’ll know the book is just right if your child has to work out some of the words, but not so many they must stop and start and lose the thread of the story. Are they enjoying predicting what is about to happen? Can they tell you something similar that happened to them? Can they predict what might happen next or can they think of a different ending? Maybe a different title too? Would they like to go on a similar adventure? Can they tell you why? Does this book remind them of another story they might have read? Having a conversation about the book is a great indication your child is reading at the right level.