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Account Details

How do I edit my account details?

To edit your account details, simply login if you aren’t already, head over to ‘My account’ then down to ‘Account details’ in the toolbar. Here you can edit and add to your existing account details. When you are done, just click ‘Save changes’.

How do I edit my child info in my account?

You can edit your child information by logging into ‘My account’ and updating your ‘Child information’. Simply click ‘Save changes’ when you are done. You can also add a sibling here.

How do I delete a child from my account?

You can delete your child information by logging into ‘My account’ and updating your ‘Child information’. Here you will need to add another child in order to purchase a subscription.

Get Started

How do I set up a subscription for my child?

Firstly, you’ll need to make sure you have an account with us, if you haven’t you can watch our video on how to get started. You will also need to ensure you have a child assigned to your account. If you have an account and have already added a child head to ‘My account’ and then down to ‘Subscriptions’ on the left hand side int the toolbar. Here you can order a new subscription by clicking ‘Order’ or ‘Order another subscription’. You will then be redirected to our product page, where you can assign your child to our subscription and then continue to checkout by clicking the ‘Buy now’ button.

How do I subscribe and get started with our first delivery

To get started, simply hit the ‘Get started’ button located at the top right of the navigation in the menu. Alternatively, you will also find various ‘Get started’ buttons around the site. Simply tell us your name, email and set a medium strength password.

How do I add a child?

At the start of the process, you will need to ‘Add a child’, you can do this when signing up and also when logging into ‘My account’ and heading over to ‘Child information’. Here you add another sibling, remember – You will need at least 1 child in your account to be able to purchase a subscription.


How do I add a discount code?

To add a discount code, simply add it at the top of the checkout page when purchasing your subscription. It’ll ask for your discount code, simply enter it and click ‘Apply discount’  to receive the recalculated price further down the page. You will receive a notification to tell you your discount code has been ‘Successfully applied’.

How do I add and edit payment details?

Sign into you your customer dashboard by clicking on ‘Login‘ Select the subscription and click on the ‘Manage’ button. From the 'More' button, there is a dropdown menu to 'change payment'.  Here you can edit existing payment details or you can add new payment details by clicking ‘Add payment method’. Just hit ‘Save changes’ when you’re done!

When can I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription any time by logging into ‘My account’ and updating your subscription. We will cancel the next delivery after the point of cancellation. Please see full terms and conditions here.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes we do! After you register one child, you can easily add a sibling. Simply go to ‘My Account’ then select ‘Add a sibling’, follow the prompts and checkout. Add the code SIBLING10 at checkout for 10% off the monthly subscription for siblings.

Reading Levels

Why doesn’t the Honey Bear box have any flashcards?

By this stage, children are already exposed to all the sounds. We ensure that our Koala boxes have the letter cards that children need to learn at these stages. However if you would like to buy a pack of the flashcards, drop us an email and we would be happy to help.

Why do you move children up book band levels?

In order to keep pace with National Curriculum expectations, we move children up book bands accordingly. With the right support at school and home, most children are ready to move on. However, if you feel that your child isn’t quite ready to move, you can pause your account and just keep reading the books you have in your The Bear Can Read library. Once you feel their reading is secure, you can resume your subscription. It isn’t a race, it is a journey and consistent reading practise at home is what really matters.

Can I change my child’s reading level once they have started with The Bear Can Read?

Yes, of course. You can change your child’s reading level anytime by going into the ‘My Account’ area and selecting ‘Change Child Details’. You will see that the Book Band Level can be edited. This Book Band level will then be used when creating your child’s next box. Alternatively, you can send us a note and we will adjust the level for you.

Please note that in order to keep children progressing, we will also change your child’s reading level, but we will let you know when we think the time is right to do this. We make this decision based on the National Curriculum and the length of time children are usually on each book band before it is time to move on. 

Any requests or updates to the reading level must be made before your next renewal date if you want the next box updated. 

I don’t agree with the book band level my child’s school has them, can I select a different one for The Bear Can Read deliveries?

Yes of course. When you get started, you will be able to add a note about your child’s reading level so you can let us know where you think they should start. Please keep in mind the advice about how you know if a reading level is too easy, hard or just right.

All schools encourage children to read at home. Many schools insist that the child stays on the school assigned reading level in school (they may have many reasons for this such as wanting the child to explore a different genre at that level or they are focusing on expression and fluency) but they are more than happy for you to pursue your own books at home. These could be at a different reading level for consolidation or extension. Remember all reading practise is great practise!

How do I know if the books sent are at just the right reading level for my child?

You can find detailed guidance here.

How do I find my child’s reading level?

It is always best to start with the reading level that your child’s school determined is right for them. When you get started with The Bear Can Read, we ask for their current reading level. You can easily find this by looking on the back of one of the colour band books they bring home from school. See below for an example.

Publishers display the colour band on the back and some also give a level.

If you don’t have access to any of the levelled readers from school, that is no problem! We will sensibly calculate the reading level to start them on based on their age and the time in the school year (as phonic is like a ladder of learning letters and sounds, we know which sounds they are likely to have covered already and which ones they will be learning next). We can then tweak the level after they get started so it is just right for them.

Returning Books

Can I return the books if my child has already read one of them at school for another one?

Our books cover a range of genres (poetry, fiction, non-fiction). Occasionally your child might receive a book that they have read at school. We send several titles each month so that there is always plenty of choice and re-reading titles is still a great way to practise.


What do I do if my box never arrives?

Packages occasionally go missing in the post! We will send you out another one as soon as possible. Just send us an email.

I’m going away for a long holiday, can I get the next box in advance?

Of course and this is a great idea. Spending 5-10 minutes every day will really help boost your child’s progress and this is particularly important over the holidays (and a great way to keep kids busy on the plane!). Just send us an email and let us know the boxes that you need a month in advance. We will get them to you before you go!

I’m going away for a long holiday, can I pause my deliveries?

Yes, we’d be happy to do this. Contact us and just let us know the months that you will be away. However, we follow the school curriculum so each month’s content is specifically authored to cover what is most relevant each month. If you don’t want to miss out on the content that would have been send for the months that you are away, we can always send you these boxes in advance.

When do I receive my first delivery?

Upon signing up; you will receive an order confirmation. Usually within 2 to 3 business days, you will receive a dispatch notification. We ship every Tuesday and Fridays most weeks of the year. Your delivery should arrive within 1 or 2 days from dispatch.

Do you ship internationally?

We are happy to provide international shipping to the following regions: Europe, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia.

Don't see your country listed? Contact us.

Shipping times are typically upto 10 working days from dispatch. We offer two shipping rates of Standard or Tracked.


Do you offer a sibling discount?

Yes we do! After you register one child, you can easily add a sibling. Simply go to ‘My Account’ then select ‘Add a sibling’, follow the prompts and checkout. Add the code SIBLING10 at checkout for 10% off the monthly subscription for siblings.

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