Independent reader

For children who are off reading levels and are starting to develop higher level English skills. The materials are designed to consolidate and reinforce what they are learning in school, and help them prepare for end of Primary tests.


Independent reader building literacy skills (7-8 years)

Grizzly club focuses on key areas of your child’s English curriculum. All the books and materials are selected by educational professionals to build knowledge and strengthen confidence across core skills. There are six boxes, sent bi-monthly, each focusing on an essential skill. Every delivery contains THREE reading books and an activity book to encourage children to practise the focus skill.

The key topics are:

1. Comprehension

2. Creative Writing

3. Grammar and Spelling

4. Vocabulary

5. English Test Skills

6. Reading for Pleasure

Mountain Bear

Introducing English test skills (8-9 years)

Mountain Bear club has been created with the English component of SATs and 11+ papers in mind. It is designed to be the first step in your child’s preparation for the Year 6 exams.

You will receive six boxes, bi-monthly, each focusing on an essential literacy skill (e.g. Comprehension, Spelling and Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation, etc).

Mountain Bear boxes contain TWO reading books and TWO workbooks linked to the focus topic. The reading books have been carefully considered to offer a variety of classic stories, myths and legends, poetry, comics and non-fiction so your child is confident working across a variety of genres.

One of the books in your child's first delivery is a 'Confident Me' journal. This is a great way to encourage daily positive habits.

Age bands

The age guides are included as a reference point, but the description of each reading stage and club is the best guide. Please don’t worry if the age reference for the club your child is place in is older or younger than your child’s age. Reading is a journey, and what’s important is getting books at the right level for each individual child, so they can progress with confidence.

Rewards as you go along

Just like you, we know the power of rewards and treats to motivate little ones. Each month, you’ll find a motivational gift inside your delivery (like a Japanese paper balloon, a torch for reading dens or a special notebook). Our longer term subscribers (4+ months) can also expect to see regular ‘loyalty drops’ with additional treats to surprise and delight.

Highly recommended!

Amazing boxes that have given my daughter great grasp of phonics and her reading is flying! She loves receiving her box.

Nic Webb, November 2022