Supporting reading at home

The Bear Can Read was founded to make supporting children with their reading at home easier for parents.

Research shows that setting aside 10-15 minutes a day to support reading at home will have the biggest impact on your child's academic performance (not just in English but in maths too!) and their mental health.

Founder, Camilla Macoun, knows how hard it can be to find the time to regularly help children with their reading. As a children's educational publisher for over 10 years, she wanted to make it easier for parents to support reading at home and to make it fun (not frustrating) for children. So, she gathered a group of phonics and education experts to create simple, targeted worksheets and activities to help children learn and develop. Paired with the newest and most engaging books on the market, The Bear Can Read launched in April 2020 with the mission of saving parents time and giving children the right support.

A year later, Lindsay Fleming joined as Chief Opperating Officer bringing her considerable financial and business expertise to help The Bear Can Read reach more families. Mothers to five children in total ranging from 3-13 years old, Camilla and Lindsay are committed to helping other parents support reading at home.

Regardless of whether your child is just starting out or a fluent reader, you'll receive everything you need for fun and focused reading sessions that are in step with your child's age and stage. All delivered straight to your front door.

How it all began

As a children’s educational publisher I was surrounded by levelled readers and spent my days working on beautiful books, but I could see that my own daughter was struggling with learning to read. The phonics books she was bringing home from school were tired, pretty uninspiring, and some over 20 years old. It was difficult to motivate her to spend time on what she saw as homework. She felt frustrated not excited about reading.

I started to bring home brand new beautifully illustrated books from work and wrote worksheets around them for her to practise certain sounds. Suddenly, she blossomed. We discussed the stories and she lent some to her friends. Other parents asked me which books their children should read and where to buy them. It was there, at the kitchen table, the idea of The Bear Can Read was born.

I hope The Bear Can Read can help your child on their reading journey too.


Founder, The Bear Can Read