How it works

1The right reading level

We're here to help find the right reading level for your child. Our expert 'get started' process suggests a starting club and reading level for children aged 2-9, so you don't have to worry.

However, if you know the book band level your child is reading in school, and you want to select a starting point that is different to our suggestion, you can adjust the level for the first delivery after you checkout (see how to find your child's school reading level). Alternatively, you can make changes to the reading level anytime after your child gets started.

2Personalised deliveries

Once you join your child will receive regular deliveries of books and activities. We curate and commission the latest (and greatest) reading materials for each age and stage so you can offer them the best support at home. We also shadow schools, so your child's reading journey is a seamless transition between home and school.

3Targeted practise

Each delivery is tailored to what your child is learning or will learn next in school. For example, if your child is learning to read, we send the group of letters and sounds your child needs to learn, with games and activity sheets to assist them, and advice for parents on how to be helpful. Each box also boosts critical words like ‘the’, ‘do’ and ‘go’ – the words that children can’t sound out using phonics. Month by month, your child builds confidence.

4Making progress

As per National Curriculum expectations, children move up a book band regularly and automatically (we’ll nudge you when a move is coming). Our guide: what does too easy, too hard and just right look like is helpful if you are unsure about whether your child's reading level is providing the right amount of challenge.

5Prep for key checks

Every child also gets just the right help and support as they approach key check and test points, such as the Phonics Screening Check in Year 1. We can also help boost the literacy skills for those 3-4 year olds hoping to get into a selective private school. And don’t worry, we make all of this fun!

6A little goes a long way

The Bear Can Read brings fun and focus to children's reading – 10 to 15 minutes every day makes all the difference.