Supporting school phonics and reading at home

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Our handpicked activity and book bundles give your child exactly what they need at each stage of their reading journey

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We send personalised boxes to children aged 2-9 so you can effectively support your child's reading stage at home


No commitment to continue. Enjoy a discount on your first three deliveries! You can pause or cancel at any time.

Everything you need to support your child’s reading at home


Good selection of books and always…

Good selection of books and always something different to keep their interest each time. Just had the first box for my youngest who has been trying to steal her older brothers books for a while now!

Natalia West, October 2022

Why phonics?

If you have a child at school, you might have heard of phonics! It is the system that all schools use to teach children to read.

What we do and what we believe in

The Bear Can Read is the world’s first truly joined-up reading club. It gives kids the wonder-working tool kit they need when learning to read. We put school and home on the same page and, just like that, children get it. And you do too. We believe in making things easy. We believe in readers' rights. And most of all, we believe in kids.

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Our personalised reading boxes help readers, big and small, practise the essential phonics and reading skills that are taught in school.

Making phonics fun with The Bear Can Read

We love phonics. So do children. And teachers and literary experts. It’s the reading launchpad for all state and independent primary schools. So much so, every child in state school now sits a Phonics Screening Check in year 1 to track their progress.

Making things easy

Welcome to the wonder and joy of learning to read at home with The Bear Can Read. We offer one simple route to reading success. Just like learning to swim, kids need all the practise they can get. We make phonics simple and playful. It’s exactly the same method they use in school – just a lot more fun.

Readers' rights

What every eager young wannabe reader needs and wants…

Right boost

regular deliveries at the right level

Right book

engaging books and the latest publishing

Right level

sounds they know or need to know next

Right age

not too young, or too old, just right

Right illustration

amazing artwork bringing stories to life

Right rewards

we know the power of the rewards!

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