Pre-reading to independent readers, we've got a club for you

Personalised boxes for every stage


(Ages 2-4)

For children who have not yet started school, this stage is about creating strong foundations to build upon as they become reading ready.

Learning to read

(Ages 4-7)

During this reading stage your child needs books that gently stretch them by presenting the sounds they know already with a selection of new sounds to learn.

Independent reading

(Ages 7-9)

This reading stage is designed to encourage children to read a range of genres, develop advanced literacy skills and gently start preparing them for English exams.


Age bands

The Bear Can Read age guides are a reference point only. The description of each reading stage is your best guide. Please don’t worry if your child’s reading level does not correspond with their exact age. Reading is a journey and it is most important to get books at the right reading level – this will allow children to make the most efficient process.

Rewards as you go along

Just like you, we know the power of rewards and treats to motivate little ones. Each month, you’ll find a small gift inside your delivery (Japanese paper balloons, torches or special notebooks, for example). We also celebrate milestones. Send us a photo of your child's complete progress chart, and we'll add an additional gift into their next delivery.

Highly recommended!

Amazing boxes that have given my daughter great grasp of phonics and her reading is flying! She loves receiving her box.

Nic Webb, November 2022