Has your bedtime routine changed with your independent reader? We have Claire Bagnall, our Eduction Advisor, weigh in on how reading habits evolve with her independent reader at home.


Like many parents, I lament the passing of each stage of my children's childhood. Every few months, I try to whittle down now-abandoned games and toys in order to put together a small box of the most treasured items, so that they will once again delight children: visiting nieces or nephews, or even perhaps grandchildren some day. Indeed, thinking of all the good things we hope the future may hold for us is one way of managing any sadness as one precious chapter closes.

However, what I find more helpful is focusing on the here and now: the chapter that is beginning. Literally...in our case. As a result of all the fun my son and I have had reading together during his early childhood, I am delighted to say he is now a fluent, independent reader...and with that comes an exciting, new reading experience: chapter books. We have fully encouraged and embraced this new stage, even providing a torch for all of that under-the-duvet-after-lights-out reading that we have accepted comes as part and parcel of an excited, newly-independent young reader's engagement with books.

In addition to torches, just perfect for kitting your child out for this stage of their reading journey is The Bear Can Read's new concept: the Grizzly Box. Grizzly boxes focus on key areas of your child’s English curriculum, and contain books and materials that are selected to build knowledge and strengthen confidence across core skills including: comprehension, creative writing, grammar and spelling, vocabulary, English test skills and reading for pleasure. Since each box contains three reading books, there's plenty of material for your little one to delve into using their new-found independent reader skills, and the included activity book offers further opportunities to consolidate what they have learnt.

Watching my son gradually transition from listening to a story read by me with a beaker of milk in his hand to selecting a chapter book to read himself has been a privilege, and something we can both take pride in. However, the really good news is that special time spent engaged in reading together hasn't stopped, since I can confirm that the three reading books included in each Grizzly Box, despite being for the more independent reader, are still entirely compatible with enjoying cuddles at bed time. 

April 07, 2022 — Camilla
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